Sex Education and Prevention

HIV Prevention Programme for Young Female Sex Trade Workers

Since 2012, the programme provides free and anonymous testing for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases (STD) as well as sexual health counseling for young women and girls under the age of 25 years old who work in sex trade industry.

About the Programme

The programme targets young women and girls who work in the sex trade at nightclubs or online and aims to ensure their safety through safe sex education and to reduce HIV infection amongst the community.
Additionally, the programme also provides a non-judgemental environment and peer-to-peer conversation of tactics to ensure they can protect themselves from the risk of HIV and STDs, and sexual violence, and receive appropriate.

Our Partners

AIDS TRUST FUND,Community Forum on AIDS , The Family Planning Association Hong Kong,Red Ribbon Center&Hong Kong Women Doctors Association


Gender and Sex Education - Sexual Education and Prevention Programme for Teens

We deliver gender-sensitive comprehensive education for adolescents to understand their sexual and reproductive health, promote healthy relationship building and discuss social gender values to secondary schools in Hong Kong.

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