Girls Development

1. Empowering Young Women and Girls at Risk
Keys for Girls
We provide counselling, skills training and mentorship for young women and girls who were or still are in the sex trade to go back to school or start a new career.


Support and care for Girls at Risk
We provide holistic support to vulnerable and high risk adolescent girls. This includes girls who are involved in the sex industry, have run away from home, and/or are going through an unwanted pregnancy. We connect them with the necessary social workers and professionals to provide them with counseling, legal support, and medical referrals to ensure that they can grow and live in a safe environment.

A Young Girl’s Story

“At 16 years old, I suspected that I may have contracted a sexually transmitted disease that was when my friend recommended Teen’s Key to me. There the staff was very attentive and listened to my situation, they took me to a doctor and took good care of me in this scary situation. The Teen’s Key staff are very thoughtful and nice and I did not feel uncomfortable around them. — Chloe (Fake name, 16 years old)


Global Fund for Children & Global Fund for Women


2. Nurturing Young Women and Girls Leaders

Teen’s Key – Young Women Development Network believes that all young women and girls have the potential to become leaders and create positive change to their communities and society. For that reason, Teen’s Key is lead by young women, from our board members to our staff, we are all young women and girls under the age of 30. We come from different backgrounds all committed towards the rights and equality of young women and girls in Hong Kong.


3. Innovative Entrepreneur Association Scholarship Fund



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