Young Mothers Club

The Young Mothers Club is a self-help mutual aid group formed by grassroot-level young mothers. Teen’s Key provides them with a welcoming environment to strengthen their support networks through participation in different activities and encourages social participation to improve their quality of life.

In Hong Kong, young mothers under the age of 25 face a lot of unique challenges. They need to quickly mature and learn to be a mother at a very young age, some may have to drop out of school, and most face strong opposition from their families, unemployment, and financial pressures. At the same time, society shuns them as social stigmas tend to blame these girls for their problems and ignores the fact that they still need support.

Teen’s Key believes that these young mothers have great potential as young women and therefore, we hope the Young Mothers Club can provide them with a platform to support and learn from each other, thus, creating a stronger voice for themselves.

A Young Mother’s Story
"If I never met my friends from Teen's Key, I may have “Game over” a long time ago. There are a lot of prejudices against us young mothers that everyday became a struggle. People always think that a young women with unwanted pregnancy are ignorant, and irresponsible and it hurt me a lot. But I have learn a lot from the Young Mothers Club, from reproductive health knowledge to teamwork and respecting myself and others. Now, I hope I can use this new attitude to also help other young mothers like myself." — C (21 years old)


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