"Teen's Key - Young Women Development Network is a registered non-profit organisation (NPO) dedicated to improving the lives of vulnerable young women and girls in Hong Kong. We work for and with any marginalized young women and girls. This includes those who work in the sex industry, young women faced with unwanted pregnancy and/or those vulnerable to sexual health risks."


In 2008 in Hong Kong, a 16-year-old female sex trade worker was found murdered by her client. Although the incident garnered great concern from both the media and the public, most brushed off the issue as a problem with youth and teenagers. Too little of the concern was in the perspective of the 16-year-old sex worker's rights.

Too often than not, young girls fall into the sex trade because of their current situations, or that they are misled into the business. Now due to the ease of meeting people online, the dangers of compensated dating goes unseen and there is also a lack of support for these young women who are often extremely uneducated in sexual health and their rights as sex trade workers.

Ziteng, a local NPO whose mission focuses on aiding sex trade workers, found that the characteristics and needs of this group of adolescents were very different from those of traditional sex trade workers. These young women and girls were in lack of support for more holistic services and better prospects for their future. Therefore, in 2011, Ziteng supported the establishment of Teen’s Key as an independent organization specifically to help this target group of young women and girls in Hong Kong.

Thus, in 2011, Teen’s Key – Young Women Development Network was founded and in 2016 achieved recognition as a public charitable institution (IR File No. 91/14605). At Teen’s Key, we strive to create a safe, supportive and non-judgemental environment for these young women and girls so that they have the support to develop their potential, and comprehend their maternity health and rights.

Since 2015, Teen’s Key has become the first all young women lead NPO in Hong Kong. Our board members and staff are women under the age of 30. We hope that by bringing together young people of different backgrounds, occupations and sexual orientations will continue to generate attention to the sexual and reproductive health and rights of young people in Hong Kong and to enhance the awareness of their rights through awareness raising, training, outreach activities and more.


Our Vision

Our vision and hope is for a Hong Kong in which all young women and girls have the opportunity, support and resources to achieve their potential and dream inclusively.


Our Mission

Teen’s Key is dedicated to alleviating the problems of young women and girls, establish gender and sexual health education through non-profitable means, and promoting equality and harmony in Hong Kong.



The With and For Girls Award 2015

In 2015, Teen’s Key – Young Women Development Network was recognised by the Stars Foundation for ensuring the rights of adolescent girls.

The With and For Girls Collective is a group of eight international organisations – EMpower, Mama Cash, Nike Foundation, NoVo Foundation, Plan UK, Stars Foundation, The Global Fund for Children and The Malala Fund – with a track record of supporting civil society organisations working to improve the lives of girls and their communities.


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