1.    Can the public access records of the HIV tests or other sexual health check-ups that are conducted by Teen’s Key?
No. The testing service we offer is anonymous. All personal data are confidential and will be handled extremely carefully.


2.    How do we reach out to our service targets?
We establish connections with them through regular outreach sessions online and to night clubs. We will then introduce them to different workshops and services like sexual health check-ups, which allows us to establish a relationship. By gradually gaining their trust, we hope to be able to support them as they face different problems in lives.

3.    What is compensated dating? What is PTGF?
Compensated dating is translated from the Japanese term Enjo-kōsai. It describes young women going on dates with men in exchange for money or gifts, but it does not necessarily involve sexual activities. However, in Hong Kong, it slowly evolves into a type of sexual service. Part-time girlfriend (PTGF) are girls who accompany other men to movies, dinner or other activities for money. It may not involve sexual services. 


4.    What are the statistics for Hong Kong girls involved in compensated dating?
There has always been insufficient research on Hong Kong female sex workers. The most recent research was one that was conducted in 2000-2002. It shows that there are about 20,000 to 100,000 female sex workers in Hong Kong, with 10,000 who are age 25 or below. 


Guidelines for Student Interview
We are welcome for student interviews, to understand more about Teen's Key and the community we are serving.  


Please pay attention to the guidelines below:

  • You must inform us at least ONE MONTH in advance. Otherwise, we will not consider your interview request.
  • You can specify a date or a period of time (e.g. in early April, before or after May) that you are able to conduct the interview in order to help facilitate the scheduling of the interview. 
  • Please send an email to info@teenskey.org, including your name, the school or organization that you are from, and also your contact number.
  • Please also describe your purpose of interview or research topic and explain why you have chosen this topic, while attaching your interview questions in the request. If you will interview other organizations as well, please inform us too. 
Bear in mind that:
  • Statistical questions are not preferable, you can obtain the information from elsewhere;
  • Feel free to quote from various media or public statements, regarding our stance on different topics and ask us new questions;
  • If you fail to provide all the information required, we may not consider your interview request.
  • On top of that, we hope to receive a copy of your research paper if our interview content is included. We will have a better impression of your school or organization and could even establish friendly links. 
  • At last, we hope that you could respect yourselves and us, and treasure the opportunity for an interview, as we have put in effort in arranging and preparing for the interview.

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